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3 Floor Detective
Please note we service all 50 Sates for Commercial & Residential.

    Virtual  inspection Options
Benefits, Lower cost, Faster resolutions, convenience of not wasting entire day waiting on the inspector arrival and or common delays, traffic, weather, prior inspection delays and thing called Life! Privacy is key if you don't want people in your home or office.
The commissioning party receives a detail IRAC style detail report with the facts not a opinion. Please remember that during the
Interview we are relying on the facts as you describe them and answer truthfully to all the questions. If you retain us
for any form of Inspections we must be unbiased, we will not discuss, disclose or change a conclusion to another party
for any reason. In the event you would like a additional service after the inspection & report is sent. NOW WHAT DO I DO !
We do have additional services as to the proper sequencing to better assist you, to put a plan together on the next steps, those additional services are extra and would fall into laboratory testing, deconstructive testing options, consulting, repairs, or full replacement,
working with retailer, manufacture, installer or worst case legal hurdles such as small claims, arbitration and expert witness.
* Requirements
* Copy of Invoice for Materials & Labor
* Copy of the Proper Date Installation Guidelines & Warranty Information.
* Copy Hybrid quick reference check list Q & A
* Video of the complaint area with Photos if available.
* Zoom meeting or Go to Meeting is required.