• Pre/Post Testing Materials Services (PPTM)

    Pre Testing services are becoming increasingly important to deal with claims within the flooring industry. Accuracy in  product and performance and design is paramount. The process focuses on identifying and minimizing design, budget, and specifier or salesperson errors for any flooring project and increases all parties exposures and its cost during the flooring phase. Whether you are remodeling or have a total new building design, our preconstruction services ensure your project comes in on time and within budget.
    CCI works with Architects, Owners representatives & Companies, as well as a design professionals, to determine project feasibility and establish budgetary guidelines.
    Utilizing the Top Construction Security & Surveillance in the field have proven most accurate protection for the owner and project budget, schedule, weather delays. Helps and assist on extra labor fees, workman's comp claims, lost or stolen property.

    • Primary customer interface for all aspects of the project development
    • Project Manager acts as the Project Team Lead 
    • Improve profitability from sourcing Product research cost analysis 
    • Timing: Lead Cross Functional Team in support of project milestones (Internal & Customer)
    • Industrialization: Ensure manufacturing site is tooled to make new product according to project schedule
    • Risk Floor Mitigation & Issues 
    • Consult with owner and design professionals to set project goals
    • Establish project schedule and critical path seamless cloud base support.
    • Coordinate changes in materials, fixtures and finishes 
    • Create Transparent Budget with Trade contractors, terms & duration of time.
    • Produce addendum's to scope of work as necessary
    • Review plans, assist Architect with written specifications
    • Identify qualified subcontractors to provide bids in each trade
    • Establish control estimate or guaranteed maximum price.
    • Coordinate design revisions as necessary to meet budget requirements
    • Incorporate owner supplied materials and/or services into scope of work and secure performance expectation's 
    • Provide revised budget and schedule updates as needed
    • Match plans to written specifications in compliance with testing and extend to floor assembly methods 
    • Review applicable project permits
    • Create critical path orders for long lead-time items or materials
    • Construction Surveillance / Security Options